Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Next Evolutionary Step

The human race is on the verge of the next step in evolution. Many have already taken the steps toward it. I'm not talking about growing fins or wings, but the opening of the mind and spirit. In the coming years and decades we will be challenged to move past the known and comfortable. In order to "pre-serve" Life and this world we must be open to the spiritual realm and what the universe is saying to us. We are spiritual beings and soon we will be transfigured into species of enlightenment and spirituality.

There are so many elements at work around us than we normally acknowledge. This universe is a live. Everything is alive, and is Life. The planets are alive, the stars are alive, even the black of space is alive. There is energy and movement from every corner of the universe. Just like we are made up of living cells, atoms and molecules, so the universe is made up of planets, stars, black holes, comets, etc... that are constantly in motion. Everything is in motion because everything is made up of energy. Even a rock is moving and changing, only a lot slower than we move or can perceive. So what happens if we start to understand the universe in terms of a living body? Our preconceived notions and understanding of Life itself is turned upside down. That is a wonderful thing. Once that happens we begin to realize that it wasn't really turned upside down, but that we were looking at it upside down in the first place. Humans have placed so many walls and barriers up in there minds. Our species is a fearful lot. Opening ourselves up completely is terrifying to many. As long as we allow anything to control us, like fear, then we will never ascend to a higher plane of consciousness. Maybe humans are too attached to the physical self. We must let go of that attachment and embrace our spirit, our core being. With that said I still believe that this physical form is important. It is our way of experiencing this world. That is why we keep coming back time and time again. We want to experience everything this world has to offer. As we do this we accumulate knowledge that we can use to heal and restore this world. Although our physical form is made of this world, some of us are visitors from other places. Visitors are here to aide this world in healing and restoration.

There are changes on the horizon. Evolution is inevitable. It is the way Life chooses to work. We must embrace it and transform into the loving, open, spiritual beings we are destined to become or we can reject it and allow Life to choose another way without the human species. Life will continue with or without humans. I say we embrace this evolutionary step and run head long into what Life truly has to offer.